"Assisting Service Professionals (Business Leaders, 'Solo-preneurs') to grow and sustain their success so that they can impact the lives of more people they were meant to serve."



My clients come from all walks of life. Some have enjoyed one or many successful careers and business ventures. Others are still enjoying a career but want to do better there, feel fulfilled and relevant again.

The people I work with share a common trait: A passion to help others through their work. They serve people on a deep level. They run in when the rest of the world seems to be running out.

"Passion without a Process is a Problem."  I coach, consult, train and teach all human service professionals and caregivers to get back to the root of the passion that brought them to their chosen field to begin with .  We must apply mental toughness strategies from business to re-imagine a world where we have strong leaders and advocates over the most difficult group dynamics, collaboratively focusing on the best interest of every person in need.

"Care is NOT something that should happen TO people.” There are far too many people in need who are overwhelmed by their status, their condition, their illness. But, there are still more caring individuals who were put on this earth to guide them through each difficult journey. In reaching those we were meant to serve we empower our most vulnerable neighbors to become informed, self promote and advocate. We “allow” these individuals to dictate the direction of their chosen path, to reach a level of fulfillment in their lives and to actively participate in their own destiny.

"Be Proactive, Be Proficient, Empower others." When we drill down to the root of conflict we find that there are personal issues that affect our ability to be impactful. So, it makes sense that we apply personal development and learning to all phases of our lives and our business.  Nowhere is this more applicable then in the Caring Professions where the most at need, vulnerable citizens are waiting for our help, reaching out to us to provide it and desperate to understand where/how they fit into an overwhelming and confusing maze of providers and services.


Book Yourself Solid

Learn to Book Yourself Solid and make your business more successful.

I am a certified Book Yourself Solid Coach. Book yourself Solid is a business building program that is by far the most comprehensive, step by step road map to helping you to reach and secure more clients than you can handle – even if you hate marketing.

The Book Yourself Solid® System is based both on philosophical and practical principles. From a philosophical point of view, We believe that there are some people who you are meant to serve (and others, not so much). Our job is to do everything we can to reach the people we are meant to serve.There is one key practical principle:- "Marketing does NOT get you clients."Marketing simply creates awareness about who you are and what you have to offer the world.It's what you do from the time people become aware of what you offer until the time that they buy that gets you clients. 

Mental Toughness: Psychological Performance Coaching

I am a partner with Steve Siebold and Mental Toughness University and a Certified Approval addiction Coach.

Mental Toughness is all about psychological performance training. It is re-programming the way we think and act so that we can learn to perform at a world class level for maximum performance. By adopting core principles of Mental Toughness we become more fully expressed, committed, disciplined and dedicated to any task or team that needs our leadership.

Through Mental Toughness University, we have worked with the Navy Seals, Fortune 500 Corporate Sales Teams and professional athletes, over the past 20 years.

Our research shows that the #1 reason people fail, quit or never reach their potential is due to Approval Addiction, which is something we all have, but most have never heard of! Approval Addiction  is highly prevalent among CareGivers. Through coaching, we desensitize our need for approval and to perform and lead on a world class level.

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Fiduciary / Caregiver Consultant

I have experience of over twenty years of work as an attorney and award-winning non-profit leader. Using this “Lived Experience” I help team-members to grow and address their every day issues in a manner that makes “real-world” sense.

Where there is a conflict between the “practical and the technical” I tend to err on the side of the practical which is invariably in line with common sense and best interest standards.

 I believe in acting from a client centered approach to deliver the best possible services in the most efficient and effective manner. 

My  “model” is based upon the following four principles:

a. We must become proactive

b. We must develop Inter-related Service Systems

c. We must speak a common language and use 7 basic building blocks to achieve change at every level

d. We must be introspective and willing to continuously improve



Guardian Model

Michael Mackniak guides decision-makers to forge an interrelated system of care.

A nationally recognized, award-winning approach to human services, The Guardian Model has enabled the state of Connecticut to deliver meaningful services to persons in need. The interrelated system of care institutes best-practices – proactively and collaboratively – to deliver an enhanced level of care to individuals in need and demonstrates millions in cost reductions. 

Highly adaptable, The Guardian Model is a treatment modality that you can implement to deliver meaningful human services to at-need populations.

Organizations that consult with Michael Mackniak are poised to achieve significant results. You will:

  • Gain insight and better oversight – As the decision-maker who requires accurate data, you will gain enormous insight and better oversight on your human services program.
  • Identify roadblocks and inefficiencies – Teaming with Michael, you’ll uncover roadblocks to delivering quality care and expose inefficiencies. A goal is to avoid costly and ineffective interventions in all service settings.
  • Institute continuous quality improvement and save money – Key to The Guardian Model is the concept “effective and efficient.” This highly adaptable model is a proven method for continuous quality improvement, which directly results in the delivery of better care while realizing cost savings.
  • Be proactive and proficient – Teaming with Michael, you will forge an interrelated system of care – an enhanced system of care that is proactive and proficient. Remember, proactive planning enables organizations to avoid costly and ineffective interventions.
  • Propagate the “7 Cs” throughout your system – Everyone on your team will learn the importance of the “7 Cs” to deliver cost-effective and improved services throughout your human services system.
  • Improve lives – We never forget what we’re here to do. By implementing a proactive system of care built on The Guardian Model, your municipality, county, or state will truly make a bigger difference for those in need.

Michael now consults with forward thinkers in not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, hospitals and small businesses across the country.

The goal: Deliver better service to more of those we are MEANT to serve by working more effectively and efficiently. 

Be Proactive. Be Proficient. Change Lives.

“After years of being frustrated by a system that was failing the patients, Michael Mackniak gave us a solution. He is a world-class expert on probate issues. We are indebted to his commitment to our clients.” Paul Amble, MD

Chief Consulting Forensic Psychiatrist