Eli Lilly Welcom Back Award Winning Program!!

National Alliance On Mental Health Hero Award Recipient

Isabella Award : National College of Probate  Judges

National Association of Scoial Workers: Public Citizen of the Year

Our health and human service systems struggle to effectively and efficiently provide for the most at-need populations. 

Everyone involved in delivering care for those in need – from state agency commissioners to case workers, from hospital administrators to physicians, from judges to fiduciaries – knows the challenges all too well.

  • The system is overwhelmed
  • Case loads are too high
  • Communication between agencies is lacking
  • Those who desperately need services often fall through the cracks

“More money” is not the answer. “Care Coordination” is!!!!

If you work in human services, you know that budgets everywhere are stretched. If additional funding won’t fix the problem, what will?

The proven solution.

The Guardian Model, co-created by Michael Mackniak, is a care coordination treatment modality that delivers meaningful results to those in need. To Understand how this models, read about Melissa’s Project.

Michael Mackniak is a recognized expert in human services. His innovative model results in better care and cost savings.

In his speaking and consulting, Michael demonstrates the effectiveness of proactive planning to avoid costly and ineffective interventions. In a world of decreasing resources and increasing expectations, commissioners, administrators, directors, and clinicians embrace his practical, proven approach to solve challenges.

Be Proactive. Be Proficient. Change Lives.

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