A personal note from Michael Mackniak, JD

“I’ve experienced the roadblocks to deliver services to at-need clients personally and professionally”

Michael MackniakI received a call from a friend who asked me to meet with a family at the nearby hospital. Melissa, was a patient for the ninth time in 6 months. Recently diagnosed with early-onset schizophrenia, Melissa had been badly beaten and left for dead. Her mother was understandably distraught and frustrated with the care Melissa was receiving. She felt abandoned by a system that should have done a better job caring for and protecting her daughter.

That day, I came face-to-face with the consequences of a healthcare system that simply did not work. It wasn’t a lack of concern on anyone’s part. On the contrary, everyone involved was working very hard. But the disconnected system resulted in lack of service coordination, collaboration, and communication. Melissa, like so many others, didn’t get the care she needed. Her caregivers were frustrated, and her family was angry. And this badly beaten young woman deserved better.

This incident (among others) inspired me to create The Guardian Model – an innovative model that results in the effective and efficient delivery of services.

Melissa’s Project  is now an award-winning, nationally recognized program. We forged a coordinated and interrelated system of care, which significantly reduces hospitalizations, incarcerations and court involvement – while saving costs and teh trauma to our clients.

The Guardian Model is a proven solution. Together, let’s implement this coordinated, interrelated system for human services for your loved one or clients. 

 Working together, we can enhance the health and human services in your region. 


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