Event Organizers:

The decision-makers in your group want to learn about unique, timely, and proven solution, improving lives of all of us and our most vulnerable populations. 

“Over the course of years, I find myself as the

world’s only ‘Motivational Speaker’ for those in a

position of care for others.”



Nationally recognized as an innovator and problem-solver, Michael has spoken to the National College of Probate Judges, The American Association of Psychiatry and the Law, The National conference on Crisis Intervention and Yale New Haven Hospital. See full client list.


Why should you hire Michael to speak at your next event?

  • He tailors the message to your audience and participants, industry, organization or business environment so that people can apply what they’ve learned, resulting in stronger performance, happier customers and more engaged employees
  • He conveys a keen understanding of the challenges that people in the audience are confronting, based on real-world work experience in nonprofit, entrepreneurial environments
  • He connects with every audience
  • He engages and involves audiences with stories and interaction
  • He provides practical tools and ideas which people can use immediately to make changes happen and which will continue to yield positive results long after your meeting or event is over
  • He offers proven and pragmatic strategies and tactics that will help people leverage their existing skills and take them to the next level

Michael connects with the audience through his honesty, authenticity, and genuine love of people, leaving each person thinking he is talking directly to them. He connects through his emotional, inspiring stories and awes them with his wisdom. Audiences are transformed during and after the event.

Be Ready! Michael engages his audience constantly. He can’t sit still and neither will they. He walks the floor and addresses all and one at the same time. You may find him sitting at your table. He may even have a bite to eat. He may be looking over your shoulder to check your notes. He creates intimate moments while speaking to thousands.


If you have a conference, convention, or leadership retreat on the horizon, look to Michael for a customized keynote or seminar guaranteed to be delivered with passion and filled with relevant, usable content. Michael’s lived experiences make him the ideal choice for your next event.

“Beyond Status Quo”: As a solo practitioner, Michael was appointed as Attorney or Fiduciary for dozens of people in vulnerable situations. Sleepless nights caused by worry for their care forced him to re-think the way he and his practice would provide for those people. This inspiring and thought provoking speech highlights his twenty year journey of discovery and recovery.

“Ed and Rose: A life Story”: Join Michael on a detailed, at-times tragic and at-times amusing story of a real life family involved with multiple service systems and providers. This talk demonstrates the value of the caregiver as the Leader of disparate groups stiving for continuity of care in complex familial settings.

“Inverse Proportionality”: Michael describes “immutable truths” of care for ourselves, our loved ones and our business. Introspection, Self Care, Mindfulness and Action are the core themes to sustained growth and success. 


Conference Speaking

Michael Mackniak, JD is an experienced and skilled conference presenter. He offers engaging and content-rich sessions that accommodate your needs and time frames. He has spoken at a wide variety of association and company conferences on the many topics offered here on this website.

If you are looking for a topic that is universally beneficial consider:

  • Be Proactive Be Proficient Change Lives
  • Continuous Quality improvement: The Business of Caring
  • The 7Cs that Impact Caring for Ourselves and Others

Michael is often hired to do multiple sessions in one day OR repeat the same session in the same day. He is always eager to help you fill the conference schedule without having to pay for another speaker.

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“Michael has the unique ability to teach while making learning fun. His innovative thought process captivates his audiences wherever he goes.”

Sara Valentino


“Michael Mackniak’s presentation was fun, informative, and practical. This training gave me a better understanding of the laws and their intent.”

Ellen Brotherton

Assistant Director, WCMHN-Waterbury