Michael Mackniak

About Michael Mackniak

Michael refers to himself as a "recovering attorney" with a passion for problem-solving on a macro level. He has worked with multiple non-profits, state agencies and Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs to imagine a culture of collaboration in order to attain the best outcomes for those most at need. Michael's work is based on the belief that we are placed on this Earth in order to bring our very special talents to others.


I cannot tell you how many people I have met who have described their path of recovery (mental health or substance use) as “mystic”. Things seem to happen, opportunities fall on your lap, coincidences that are too big to be accidents. Are we just more aware as our minds become clearer and healthier? Are we


Drug of “Choice”

The mindset of those struggling with addiction is often that they are in control. They choose when, what and how they will use. After careful consideration, however, it becomes quite apparent that the choice is being made for them, subconsciously. Substances play tricks in our brains on a very deep, primordial level. “Don’t make plans


Abusive Relationships

I know a person who is forced to do things every day. She must answer to the same call and perform the same menial tasks in order to keep her mental anguish at bay. She is forced to harm herself. She is made to feel ill and depressed and ashamed. She is physically assaulted but


Week 22 Benefits of Abuse

Using your own scale of comparison, the determination of potential benefits of substances are completely subjective – until they become objective reality. Can we realistically think of a time when our use of drugs or alcohol has been of benefit to us? For many, a drink or a drug, are a social outlet and a


Week 21 The Will to Act

Many who suffer from addictions are faced with hard questions. Indeed, it is those tough issues that may have led them down the road to addiction to begin with. Perhaps the toughest question we all must face is, in light of our bad habits or overall neglect, are we prepared for the consequences? For the


Woulda Shoulda Coulda

Who are we comparing ourselves to? Why do we feel that we must be what others tell us to be or that we need to live up to a standard set by others? When we continue to “should” all over ourselves, we are preventing ourselves from becoming self-actualized or freely expressed into the person we


“True” Suffering

There are so many things that we “awful-ize.” There are situations we do not wish to confront for fear of a perceived negative effect. We imprison ourselves in the thoughts leading up to or the consequences resulting from an even to the extent that we create a self-fulfilling prophecy. High performers know that part of


Believing your thoughts

Self-worth and Confidence are very powerful tools of the subconscious mind. Just as powerful, however, are the limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves like a skipping record (or mp3!) or a tape loop. Some of these beliefs may be rooted in our brains since childhood and have such a strong position in our sense of


(Un)Funding the Needy

The following article is a satire. It is provocative insofar as it is a real assessment of the duplicity and waste in our Human Service Systems. In no way is this piece meant as a criticism of the amazing work being done by the true heroes of social service agencies across this country with whom