Michael Mackniak

About Michael Mackniak

Michael refers to himself as a "recovering attorney" with a passion for problem-solving on a macro level. He has worked with multiple non-profits, state agencies and Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs to imagine a culture of collaboration in order to attain the best outcomes for those most at need. Michael's work is based on the belief that we are placed on this Earth in order to bring our very special talents to others.

Week 75 – Shift Happens

There is another life for us. This is not to be some spiritual rhetoric or prophecy. The point is, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your current station you absolutely have the ability to change it. When you make the decision to make a shift, “the universe will align to help you.” As human


Week 74 – Count Down

Doubt is not set by anyone other than yourself. Use any technique in your arsenal to “hit the send” button and get courageous. Even something as simple as counting down from “5” may be enough to give you the motivation you need to make the move you had been avoiding. When you are feeling doubt,