(Un)Funding the Needy

commentary satire Nov 15, 2018

The following article is a satire. It is provocative insofar as it is a real assessment of the duplicity and waste in our Human Service Systems. In no way is this piece meant as a criticism of the amazing work being done by the true heroes of social service agencies across this country with whom I have been honored to work for over twenty years. Rather, it should be seen as a commentary on the lack of support, appreciation and understanding of the valuable contributions being made on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens.

Let's discuss what we can do to make this system better.


(Un)Funding the Needy


Once upon a time there was a small town called Everywhere, USA.

The leaders and the people of this caring community agreed that it was in the best interest of everyone that they make provisions to care for those less fortunate, ill or otherwise unable to care for themselves.

It was decided that they would hire a social worker who could spend her time linking people in need...

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