Several weeks into the new year and many have already broken the resolutions we said we would not set in the first place.

The problem with resolutions is that, for the most part, they are very much “surface oriented.”

But, the introspection and analysis is as much a part of the resolution as is the act of carrying it out.
Now is the time to re-evaluate our resolutions and determine which are superficial versus those that are fundamental to our being.

Failing at a resolution is VERY different from letting oneself down. It is not the same thing as compromising one’s principles or core beliefs.

The act of resolving to change is generative and iterative like all things in life. Therefore, we should continuously consider that which is truly most important to ourselves and to look deeply inward and assess the values that have shaped us into what we are now.

If anything, RESOLVE to be true to yourself again and again.